Mural plans

CHURUBUSCO — Many communities turn to art — dynamic murals that not only beautify the community but attract people, spending dollars at local businesses, and maybe even moving to the area.

These efforts create more revenue for the community and make it stronger as a whole.

It’s part of the inspiration for the latest mural project taking place in Churubusco.

Recently, the town received a $5,000 grant for this project from the Community Foundation of Whitley County. This money, and additional economic development funds, will go toward locating a mural at the Churubusco Public Library.

“Within our 2011 Downtown Improvement Plan, 2014 Comprehensive Plan and 2017 Stellar Investment Plan, murals and other art installations were identified as strategies Churubusco could utilize to not only make our community more aesthetically pleasing, but also assist in providing a good quality of life to our citizens, assist in educating both residents and visitors of our town’s historical and current appeal and further develop Churubusco in becoming a regional attraction,” said Clerk-Treasurer Madalyn Sade-Bartl.

The town turned to one of its own to help make the mural — Bret Keister of 46 Graphics, and his staff.

The design, Sade-Bartl said, takes inspiration from the “Welcome to...” postcards from the 1950s and 1960s.

It will be printed on aluminum sheets, giving a shiny look, but also to allow it to move so that in case the library does move the mural can move with it.

“We wanted to incorporate all the things that ‘Busco was known for (Oscar the Turtle, the Churubusco Eagles, etc.) and make the mural a place that people who visit would stop and photograph during their travels,” said Sade-Bartl.

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