CHURUBUSCO — Earlier this month, officials in Churubusco shared that after searching for a crossing guard to serve the area of Short Street and Ind. 205 for quite some time, it needed to end the search.

During last week’s council meeting, part of the discussion centered around what to do to help students stay safe in this area.

Several parents and community members raised concerns about this issue, many of whom have offered their services to help create a solution to make things safer for students. One of these parents, Michelle Love, appeared before the council with an update.

Love said the volunteer groups had already been set up to help students cross, and would continue to do so for the remainder of the school year. As SR 205 is a state road, what Love said the parents hoped would happen is to have a large group of community members petition and write a letter to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to lobby for a better solution for the area. Love said she hopes this will be a joint effort between the community, with the support of the council and the school board in order to have a solution by the next school year.

Town Marshall Dustin Papenbrock reported he knew of approximately 15 students who crossed that street in the morning to get to school, adding five of those students needed assistance.

He also said that more students used the crossing in the afternoon. Papenbrock said he, too, wanted to find a solution, and was already looking at moving the flashing signs closer to the street to give it more attention, which he hoped would be finalized in the coming weeks.

“We’re all trying to do the same thing. We can all come up with something (some solution),” Papenbrock said.

Council members expressed their support for this effort.

“Thank you for stepping up and helping out,” said Councilman Nathan Van Horn.

“I used to walk there myself,” said Councilman Devin Keener. “I do appreciate your efforts.”

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