It is all hands on deck in the Medication Room at Matthew 25 Health and Dental Clinic, Operations Director Ermina Mustedanagic said in a statement Thursday.

“We have asked all staff and volunteers who are 60+ years of age to stay home, as well as those who are expecting,” Mustedanagic said. “To help cover those positions and keep up with the medicine demand, staff and volunteers from all departments are helping count pills and restock medications.”

As a free and charitable nonprofit, Matthew 25 provides medications to patients at no cost to them. The Matthew 25 Medication Room typically fills the daily retail equivalent of a Walgreens or CVS. To reduce patient exposure to the coronavirus, COVID-19, Matthew 25 Interim Medical Director Dr. Brenda O’Hara authorized filling prescriptions for longer periods of time. For those who normally receive a 30-day supply of medication, 60 days are now being filled. Nursing staff are screening all employees, volunteers and patients for flu symptoms before they enter the building.

With this new policy, medication supplies are beginning to run low. “This is an unprecedented time,” said CEO Mark Dixon. “We are asking for unprecedented community support. Any financial donation received right now will go to help provide medications for our patients — those who are managing chronic disease and those who require medication so that they do not become immunocompromised.”

Matthew 25 is the only full-time clinic in Allen County serving low-income, uninsured adults in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. The nonprofit receives no government monies and relies entirely on gifts from individuals, organizations and corporations, as well as grants from foundations. “Please consider a gift that will positively impact the health of our community,” the clinic said.

Donations can be given online at

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