For many people who contracted COVID-19, they were back to normal after a week or two.

But many isn’t all and Parkview Physicians Group is now opening a new post-COVID clinic to help the people who continue to have long-lasting symptoms of the virus even after they’ve cleared the infection.

People dealing with lingering symptoms of COVID-19 may be eligible for referral to a new clinic created to help restore patients to their pre-COVID function.

The new Parkview Post-COVID Clinic, led by the Parkview Physicians Group — Neurology team, will provide care and support for people with post-acute sequela of COVID-19, more commonly known as COVID-19 “long-haulers.”

For long-haulers, symptoms like brain fog, muscle weakness, fatigue or loss of taste and smell last for weeks, or even months. As medical researchers are still studying the cause and impact of long-hauler symptoms, the new Parkview Post-COVID Clinic will incorporate emerging treatment options and potentially participate in research and clinical trials aimed at helping patients recover and return to the life they knew before COVID-19.

The clinic will take a multidisciplinary approach to care, offering neurology, physiatry, neuropsychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy and pharmacy services. It will also partner with the Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation.

The Parkview Post-COVID Clinic is the first known clinic of its kind in Indiana. Due to the emerging nature of post-COVID treatment, the clinic’s initial capacity will be limited, and patients will need to obtain a referral through their Parkview primary care provider.

“We don’t know for certain the long-term impacts of a novel virus like COVID-19, but we can help patients manage symptoms and offer hope for recovery,” said Dr. Fen Lei Chang, medical director, Parkview Neurosciences. “Evaluation will be individualized based on each person’s concerns, and management recommendations will be based on the most up-to-date, evidence-based medical practice. Our goal is to restore the function and wellbeing of our patients one at a time. Though the Parkview Post-COVID Clinic will be limited to begin with, it’s important we start somewhere.”

Patients must be at least 18, have a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, and have lingering symptoms at least four weeks post-diagnosis.

Those who are still struggling with after-effects of COVID-19 can contact their Parkview primary care provider to determine if they qualify for a referral.

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