WHITLEY COUNTY — While some other counties in Indiana have dropped from “red” designation to “orange,” that is not the case in Whitley County, which has seen a marked increase in cases since the holidays.

According to state data, Whitley County had a 22.06% positivity rate, one of the highest percentages in the state.

Whitley County is averaging more than 500 weekly cases per 100,000 residents — a number that also puts the county solidly in the red zone.

To drop to the orange level, the county will need to have less than 200 cases per 100,000 residents and a seven-day positivity rate less than 15%.

Since the first case in March, Whitley County has tallied 2,709 total cases and 23 deaths, as of the weekend, and since the new year, three deaths have been recorded locally.

The county has averaged more than 20 cases per day since November.

Demographically, the most cases have been in individuals aged 20-59. Only 7.3% of cases are in those ages 70-79 and 4.8% in those age 80 and up.

However, 43.5% of deaths have been in those age 80 and up, and an additional 30.4% of deaths are in the 70-79 age group.

Of the deaths, 60.9% are males.

Children and young adults are among the most tested with about 37 of those who have been tested are younger than 29 years old.

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