Daily update July 11

Noble County added 12 cases as other local counties had little to no new COVID-19 activity. Statewide, however, Indiana topped 700 total cases again and the statewide positivity rate crested 10% for the first time since mid-May.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana topped 700 new cases of COVID-19 for the second straight day as the daily positivity rate topped 10% for the first time since mid-May.

Saturday’s numbers from the daily Indiana State Department of Health report continue a recent trend of rising cases and rising positivity across the state.

On Saturday, Indiana added 779 new cases, only the sixth time in more than four months to top 700 cases. That was an increase the 725 cases added on Friday.

The higher number of new cases also came on a smaller number of tests — 7,584 on Saturday compared to 8,270 on Friday — which took the one-day positivity rate to 10.27%.

Indiana hasn’t had a single day crack 10% positivity since back on May 16.

Whitley County has seen in increase as well. The county passed the 100-case milestone and, as of press time, has six deaths.

Whitley County started July with 80 cases and added 27 cases in 11 days. The cases span across the age ranges:

• 0-19 years old: 8.4%

• 20-29 years old: 13.1%

• 30-39 years old: 15%

• 40-49 years old: 14%

• 50-59 years old: 22.4%

• 60-69 years old: 15.9%

• 70-79 years old: 7.5%

• 80+ years old: 3.7%

Females have had substantially more positive cases, out-doing their male counterparts 62.6 to 37.4.

The positivity rate — the percentage of total tests that come back positive for COVID-19 — hit an all-time low of 3% just 20 days ago, but has been on a steady increase since.

Increasing positivity rate, which serves as a control for the up-and-down raw numbers of cases which can change based on how many tests are run, as well as increasing cases and increasing hospitalizations were all reasons why Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb chose to slow the state’s reopening to Stage 4.5 on July 4 instead of going all the way to full reopen.

Hospitalizations are also continuing to tick upward at a slow rate, with the state’s hospital census rising from a low of 595 on June 26 to now more than 700 at 714 as of Friday, the most recent data available.

Hospital capacity is holding at this time, with 35% of intensive care unit beds still available and about 84% of ventilators available around the state.

New deaths remain low and the state’s overall death rate continues to be in decline, with the state average 10 deaths per day on average in July compared to 16 deaths per day average in June and 30 per day average in May.

Locally, Noble County saw a double-digit increase in new cases on Saturday, rising 12 cases to 513 all-time. New case activity was quiet in the other three counties, with LaGrange and DeKalb counties adding just two cases each and Steuben County unchanged from the day prior.

No new deaths were reported locally. Noble County remains at 28 deaths, LaGrange County at nine, DeKalb County at four and Steuben County at two.

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