SOUTH WHITLEY — Whitko’s Career Academy is getting national attention.

Recently, Landon Porter, a representative of the office of U.S. Congressman Jim Banks, stopped at the school to present a copy of the official record the congressman had made to the House of Representatives in March.

Banks recognized the academy for its “impressive and important work to help young Hoosiers succeed in the 21st century workforce.”

The Whitko Career Academy began in September of 2019 thanks to funding through the Community Foundation of Whitley County and the 80/20 Foundation Trust and offers the tools and training future workers need. It houses more than 500 students. This school was created as a way to better prepare them for the workforce.

“The academy gives these students the tools they need to pursue livelihoods in manufacturing, engineering, agriculture, technology, education and more,” the record stated.

In March, the Whitko Career Academy entered into a partnership with WishBone Medical Inc. and Red Star Manufacturing. This was done to help grow the engineering offerings at the school.

“Students will be manufacturing components for one of WishBone’s pediatric medical devices,” the congressman read. “This year, the academy will also serve as the home of the Whitko Agricultural Program and Future Farmers of America- organizations together dedicated to training the next generation of leaders in agriculture.”

Congressman Banks closed his reading on the house floor by saying, “Hoosiers are thankful for, and proud of, this institution for the immediate impact it has brought to northeast Indiana. This record is testament to the life-changing education hundreds of young Hoosiers have received, and will continue to receive, at the Whitko Career Academy for years to come.”

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