Greyson Parr age 5

Aimee Parr shared this photo of their son Greyson, 5. He enjoys helping and does it often!

Oliver, 4, usually has help picking out his clothes for school, but one morning he decided to get dressed by himself. He appeared before his parents wearing a long-sleeved shirt, three pairs of underwear and no pants. Catherine said, “Oliver, why are you wearing three pairs of underwear?” He replied, “So I don’t have to wear shorts or pants!” — Catherine (mother of Oliver and Priscilla) of Chile

Diego told their son Oliver, “I’m going to turn 38 tomorrow!” Oliver said, “Whoa, that’s a lot! Your hand will touch the ceiling!”

Oliver, as many of you readers know, is our grandson in Chile. We are so grateful for the internet that allows us to stay in touch despite the miles. For example, with WhatsApp you can send voice recordings. Some people are more skillful at this than others. One time when Oliver’s mother, our daughter Catherine, sent several wonderful messages from Oliver and Priscilla, I replied, “Thank you!” Oliver quickly replied, “Thank you, Grandma Grace, for listening.” After quite a few failed attempts, I finally produced a recording that said, “It is my pleasure!” Oliver quickly replied, “Good job, Grandma Grace, you got it!”

Recently, Catherine gave Priscilla, 6, some broccoli. Priscilla asked, “Mommy, what do flowers eat?” Catherine replied, “Well, they make their food from sunlight and you will learn about that in school.” Priscilla asked, “Mommy, how do flowers cook?”


Ruby, 4, was riding in her car seat in the car with her grandmother, MiMi. While looking out the window, Ruby asked, “MiMi, are the trees running?” (Seriously!) — Joyce Crowl of northeast Indiana


Megan, 5, after a large supper, in front of a fair amount of guests unexpectedly expelled a rather large burp. As all eyes turned her way, she announced. “That was a fax coming in; or an email!” — Louise Lambright (grandmother) of Oliver Lake

Here are some more stories from Louise. Jared (he was 2 at the time but he is now 16) was always scrambling to find his belongings. And he desperately wanted a computer. After weeks of his begging for a computer, his mom, Bethany, asked him, “Why the sudden need of a computer?” He replied, “So I can find my shoes. Then I’ll always know where they are.”

Evan jumped up with delight when he heard the announcement of tobogganing. “Yay, we’re going tobogganing! Yey, we’re going tobogganing! Yay, we’re (slight pause) “What is tobogganing?”


Levi, 9, said, “If you ever find a wishing well, can you make a wish for me?” His mother said, “Sure, what’s the wish?” Levi replied, “That horseflies weren’t a thing.” — Erin Raatz (mother of Levi) of Fort Wayne


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