Indiana Michigan Power crews are working across northeast Indiana and southwest Michigan this morning to restore power to nearly 40,000 customers who lost service as a result of the powerful storm that carried winds up to 98 mph overnight.

Yesterday morning, I&M is marshaled additional resources to help with restoration. More than 100 restoration workers were already in transit to I&M’s area, and several hundred more are expected.

I&M restored power to hundreds of customers affected by the storm that swept from the northwest across southwest Michigan, the South Bend/Elkhart area and northeast Indiana by yesterday morning.

Approximately 39,500 customers were affected by the power outage, with 29,400 of those locations being in Indiana. In Fort Wayne, 28,700 customers were without power.

Power restoration is prioritized in four steps to ensure public safety and restore as many customers as quickly as possible. First, the main circuits delivering electricity to essential public safety facilities such as hospitals, 911 call centers, water treatment facilities and police and fire stations are fixed.

Secondly, large areas of affected customers where single repairs can restore hundreds or thousands of customers each are performed. Then repairs for homes in small clusters where single repairs restore dozens of customers each.

Finally, individual lines of service are fixed where single repairs restore one or two homes each.

Although the storm has passed, safety precautions still need to be in place including:

•Staying away from any downed wires and report them to I&M. Contact I&M by calling 1-800-311-4634, report on its app or website, or call 911.

•Being careful around debris and fences. Fallen limbs and other debris can hide downed power lines, and a downed line may be contacting a fence out of the line of sight. Look around carefully.

•Looking up for falling tree limbs.

•Staying hydrated since the heat index is high this week. Safety is the top priority for I&M employees and our customers with an increased focus on hydration due to the heat.

•Not to approaching I&M crews for everyone’s safety.

• For more safety tips during and after a storm, visit

I&M encourages customers to use the Indiana Michigan Power app to monitor the status of any outage affecting their home or business. Customers can sign up for text and email alerts on the app or at See the location and status of outages using I&M’s outage map at

For the latest updates, follow Indiana Michigan Power on Facebook and Twitter at @IN_MI_Power.

Due to the storm, the Allen County Highway Department North Barn reports the following roads closed as of June 14:

  • Lake Everett between Butt Road & East Drive
  • Center Street between Fisher Road & Loneke Drive
  • Loneke Drive between East Drive & Mini Haha
  • Bass Road between Scott Road & Eme Road
  • Eme Road between Arcola Road & School Street
  • Arcola Road between W County Line Road & Brown Road
  • Butt Road between Washington Center & Leesburg Road
  • Cook Road between Butt Road & Felger Road

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