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Northeastern REMC CEO Eric Jung presents a check to Colleen Carpenter, facilitator for Stop Suicide Northeast Indiana.

COLUMBIA CITY — One in five high school students in Indiana seriously considered suicide in the past year, an 18 percent increase over the prior year’s data from the Indiana Youth Institute. This statistic is one of the many reasons Northeastern’s Operation Round Up selected Stop Suicide Northeast Indiana as the recipient for this quarter’s donations.

Each month, more than 1,300 Northeastern members choose to round up their electric bills to the next whole dollar to help nonprofit organizations in northern Indiana as part of Operation Round Up.

This donation of $2,500 to Stop Suicide of Northeast Indiana and their partner, the Drug & Alcohol Consortium of Allen County (DAC), will be used to create thousands of informational toolkits for area youth. These toolkits will help teens understand how to get help if they’re contemplating suicide or know someone who is, and assist those experiencing the trauma of a loved one’s suicide to understand and communicate their loss, along with how to begin their grieving process. These toolkits will be sent to local schools, churches, social services agencies, and healthcare providers to reach as many teenagers as possible in northern Indiana.

“Many people aren’t aware of what to do when someone is thinking about suicide, has had a suicide attempt, or a loved one has died by suicide. In fact, many people falsely assume that they shouldn’t ask someone if they are having suicidal thoughts because they think they will be “planting the idea” or are afraid they will somehow make it worse. When in fact the best practice is to talk directly and openly about someone’s suicide thoughts, attempt or suicide death,” said MaryClare Clark, MSW, LSW NREMC CEO, Eric Jung, presents check to Colleen Carpenter, Facilitator for Stop Suicide Northeast IndianaExecutive Director of the DAC of Allen County.

“We are honored to accept this contribution on behalf of Stop Suicide Northeast Indiana from Operation Round Up. These funds will help to further efforts in addressing the growing, tragic problem of suicide we face in northeast Indiana,” Clark added.

“We’d like to thank our members for choosing to contribute to Operation Round Up each month,” said Eric Jung, CEO of Northeastern REMC. He continued, “This is one of the eight nonprofit organizations in our community that we’ve been able to help this year because of their generosity.”

To learn more about Operation Round Up and NREMC community involvement opportunities, visit More information about Stop Suicide Northeast Indiana can be found at

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