CHURUBUSCO — In a relatively brief in-person and online April meeting, the Smith-Green Community Schools board approved several business items.

In preparation for the upcoming summer school session, the board approved 4-0 an estimate from Superintendent Dan Hile outlining possible summer school courses and the total cost.

With the board’s approval, Hile will send the estimate to the state. Without this, he said, the district would not be eligible for reimbursement of summer school expenses from the state.

He noted that they usually list every possible course for summer school to be better prepared to help students.

“We want to make sure that we have all the bases covered because you never know,” Hile said. “We may get down to the final couple of weeks and a student that we didn’t think needed something suddenly does.”

The estimate included a total cost of $20,000 — an inflated estimate, he said, due to uncertainty regarding the number of potential summer school students.

“I did inflate our estimated costs a bit,” he said, “because obviously with COVID and whatnot we anticipate we may have some more students who need to participate in summer school than normal.”

The district will submit a reimbursement request to the state after summer school is finished.

While SGCS usually does not receive the full requested amount, Hile said, “and that they typically do not receive the full requested amount.

“But, it’s usually a pretty good percentage,” he said.

The possible summer school courses include language arts, mathematics, and reading and literature for elementary and junior high students, and English, economics, government, history, physical education, and several math classes for high school students, among other courses.

The board also approved the 2022-23 school calendar by a 3-1 vote.

Hile noted that the board began approving calendars a couple of years ahead in order to better help parents plan for vacations.

Students will return from summer vacation 2022 on Aug. 10, and will finish the first semester Dec. 21.

Hile noted that the winter break is slightly longer than usual due to where Christmas falls on the 2022 calendar, with students returning to classes Jan. 9, 2023.

Spring Break is from April 3-7, and the last student day May 23. Make up days are planned for May 24-26 and May 30-31.

Additional days off and staff development days are spread throughout the year.

Graduation for the Class of 2023 will take place Sunday, June 4.

A board member asked Hile prior to the meeting about the proposed Sunday graduation date.

“Last year, we were going to have an issue which we’ve had in the past,” Hile said, “which is where if we have a Friday night graduation, we always run the risk that students… may be put in the difficult position of either missing their state track finals their senior year or graduation.”

Hile and board member Jeremy Hart spoke to parents last year regarding the Friday commencement date, and the board approved having the Class of 2021’s graduation on a Sunday. That change remained for 2022.

Hile said that they looked into other Fridays or Saturdays, but potential conflicts remained until around the third week of June.

“Track is the sport that this seems to happen the most with,” Hile added, “but of course there are other spring sports that, we never know, someone may do really well, and then we’d have this situation all over again.”

The full calendar may be viewed at

The board also approved parent-student handbooks for Churubusco Elementary School and Churubusco Jr./Sr. High School, and discussed legislative updates from the state general assembly.

The board’s next regular meeting is Monday, May 17.

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