COLUMBIA CITY — If you’ve been listening to WJHS 91.5 FM The Eagle, the Columbia City High School radio station, you have may have noticed more activity and involvement from CCHS students recently.

The radio program is providing hands-on learning for students as they create different podcasts, program ideas, writing — and more. It is just one of the many ways students are getting prepared for careers and next steps after school.

“It is great to see the kids getting excited and sweat a little when they realize that their projects are not just staying in the classroom,” said WJHS Studios teacher Jordan Glaza.

This is Glaza’s second year teaching at CCHS, and he brings with him 15 years of marketing, advertising, media, radio, video and freelancing experience. Part of his mission has been to bring new opportunities for students to learn and showcase their work.

Last month, one of those oportunities saw students submit entries to Ball State’s annual J-Day contest. It is an annual program that works to recognize both middle school and high school students for their work. It teaches them more about journalism, communication, as well as the technical side of electronic media.

“WJHS Studios has the goal of helping students be creators,” Glaza highlighted.

CCHS saw some 40 AV Club and media students submit projects in various categories including sports photography, photo story, podcasting, opinion story, sports play-by-play, sports reporting and editorial cartoon and graphic artwork.

“The students range from freshmen to juniors and are as individual as their projects,” said Glaza. “As a teacher, it is fun to watch the students grow and create. You never know who will surprise you with the work they will make.”

Glaza said many of these students had been working on these projects, but being able to submit it for others to review and see added a new layer of opportunity for them.

“To enter the competition is more like icing on the cake,” Glaza said. “I am just glad BSU has this platform to recognize hard work.”

Several of these entries are available for listening at or by listening to the radio station.

Though the chance to compete against their peers from other schools provides a unique opportunity, more importantly Glaza said he is proud of the hard work students have done.

“I am proud of the students for stepping-up and being creators. Challenges help us all to grow,” he said. “This is our first set of entries into BSU and I know there are good things in the future for the students of CCHS.”

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